In another cool example of paleontology revealing the behaviour of prehistoric beasts, tyrannosaur tracks in Canada reveal that these fearsome dinosaurs probably traveled in packs.

While guiding hunters in search of moose, Aaron Freudland found evidence of far larger beasts who walked the earth about 70 million years ago: he noticed a track on the ground and immediately identified it as a dinosaur footprint. After urging by his wife, he got in touch with paleontologists who investigated the scene further, uncovering a whole series of tyrannosaur tracks that appear to be made at the same time.

A single stride by the dinosaur -- which was likely of genus Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, or Daspletosaurus--spanned 4 meters, and as paleontologist Richard McCrea noted, that was only at a walk! (Think Jurassic park, the T-Rex care chase scene, but replace it with 3 smaller tyrannosaurs taking giant strides.)